UGC NET-Paper I-Teaching Aptitude

CBSE UGC NET is an examination for Assistant Professor aspirants/students who want to pursue research. Since, you will be taking up teaching as a profession, therefore, it becomes important for you to have some “Teaching Aptitude” and thus the topic UGC NET-Paper I-Teaching Aptitude. It plays an important role in assessing whether the prospective candidate has the ability to perform in the teaching profession and he/she understands the things which are required other than subject knowledge.

So let us just go though what teaching aptitude is basically all about. The general meaning of teaching is imparting education and its purpose is to bring socially desirable behavioural change in a person. The same is effective only when teaching is effective and  loaded on the principles of teaching. It is a sub social process which is dynamic in nature.

Teaching can be:

  • Formal – Carried out by paid professionals
  • Informal – Carried out within family or community

There are four elements present in the process of teaching

  1. Teacher
  2. Student
  3. Subject matter
  4. Context (or setting)

Given if one of the element is missing it can  not be called teaching.

Teaching can be of three types or Styles

  1. Authoritarian
  2. Democratic
  3. Laiseez Faire

Now moving on to Aptitude

Aptitude indicates the capacity of an individual to acquire specific knowledge or skills. It helps in determining whether an individual can do a particular job or not.

So, for that, we have various aptitude tests. An example of Language aptitude will be when a person is trained in a particular language, his proficiency in the language after training which shows his aptitude for language.

Now, the abilities and skills that are required to perform teaching activity known as Teaching Aptitude.

In other words, the ability which is required to learn teacher training programme and to become an effective teacher after training is over is called teaching aptitude.

Greater the level of teaching skills, higher will be the success rate of a teacher.

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