UGC NET-Commerce-08-Business Management

UGC NET Commerce 08 Business Management is the unit which covers the concept of Management in the business. The syllabus for this unit covers majority of management topics such as

  1. Principles of Management
  2. Planning – Objectives, Strategies, Planning Process, Decision Making
  3. Organizing
  4. Organizational Structure
  5. Formal and Informal Organizations
  6. Organizational Culture
  7. Staffing
  8. Leading: Motivation, Leadership, Committees, Communication
  9. Controlling
  10. Corporate Governance
  11. Business Ethics

Management is the most critical part of a business.

Management Introduction

Management can be scanned as ‘manage-men-t’ (i.e. manage-men-tactfully)

Therefore, management means managing men tactfully to get things done.

In other words, management involves the art of getting things done through people.

Management influences behaviour in the sense that it affects the way people view their work and how they actually perform the work. It is the force that integrates human and non-human resources into an effective operative unit.

Management – Definitions

According to F. W. Taylor: “Management is the art of knowing exactly, what you want your men to do and then seeing that they do it in the best and cheapest way”.

As per Hicks, “Management is the process of getting things done by and through others”

As per Koontz and O’Donnel, “Management means getting things done and through people”.

Since Business Management is related to entire business but primarily focusing on managing the people side of it, this unit involves the topics related to what constitute as a basic principles of management. How to plan for a better future and things which are required for planning.

What needs to be done for Organizing people and resources in a structure by which they can be brought together and get work done?

This subject incorporates topics like the organizations structure and culture, staffing-how to recruit and what type of people to be recruited? How to lead people by motivating and communicating appropriately.

The most difficult aspect of management is controlling, where the manager has to control the resources, identify the problems and then make corrections to bring it on track performance.

This subject also touch upon the Corporate Governance and Business Ethics from the purpose of making sure that business is run properly as it impact stakeholders around the organization. These stakeholders are not only the shareholders, employees, government agencies, but also the local people, environment and society as a whole.

This subject contains a lot of text but most of it is standard and easy to prepare. If you are unsure of where to start the UGC NET preparation, then Business Management is one of the ideal topics to look forward to.

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