Information System Audit

Information System Audit related subjects in professional course are to make you computer aware. But hey, if you are reading this article on phone, tablet, computer or even on paper (somebody has printed it), you already know about it. Then why this additional subject?

A question every professional not in the field of computer ask from their faculties and hopefully it will be answered here.

The only reason for this subject is to make students read a subject which is difficult enough to test their mind for things outside their world but a indispensable part of everybody’s life because of Internet.

Wondering is your phone also a candidate for audit and compliance? A 100% yes!

The most important aspect of this subject is how to deal with the concealed information in the technology. There may be more number of illegal activities on Internet than in real life. Usually, as soon as you come in contact 99% of the time either you are a consumer of un-ethical content or yourself is participating in distributing this. To govern the general behavior on Internet, Government of India has Information Technology Act, 2000

This enacted law was very advanced in 2000 but unable to cope up with the pace of Internet consumer as well as technology advancement. Amendment came in 2008, but still need refreshment. There are many popular cases of incorrect implementation of this act is when general WhatsApp users are arrested just for sending messages which for sure they never know is illegal in the eye of a law. Have you ever heard of fake profiles on Facebook? Or have you ever received spam message/email? How will you trust if the document you have received is authentic? This Act is all about it.

There are processes and procedures to govern the conduct of people as well as define the credibility of technology in information distribution and bring it under the law. The following are the objectives:

  1. Recognize electronic transactions legal
  2. Digital signature for signed documentation
  3. Accepting online Communication as proof of two parties communicating
  4. Use computer to store all documentations required for any purpose
  5. Finally, to act as deterrent to criminals taking advantage of technology

How this complete act is applicable to information, Internet and technology we need to understand what information is, how Internet is changing the business and people’s lives and finally what led to these advancement where large paperwork is moved to small hard disks.
Ready to take the plunge? Everything is already a part of your lifestyle, it just have to make some sense rather than book confusing you.

Although let me mention the most important aspect of this course system audit.
You have to understand how all this computer and Internet thing is working together so that you can start auditing as well as use it to the fullest without breaking any law and enjoy technological benefits:

  • Ease of record keeping
  • Ease of distribution of information
  • Ease of business
  • Ease of meeting compliance
  • Ease of being in trouble

A brief of what you must learn in this course:

  • How your computer is working? Why this? Because it makes sense about:
    • how those paper record keeping is converted to electronic form?
    • How this data is being processed?
    • Where this information is going?
  • Information Systems:
    • How big this system is?
    • How all stakeholder are communicating with each other?
    • Computer
      • Storage
      • Processing
      • Distributing
    • Internet
      • Communicating
      • Sharing
    • Centralized data center which helps in organizing information in business areas
    • Seamless Flow of information
    • Direct access of information from higher management
    • Easy analysis with multiple dimensions
    • Faster decision making capability
    • Finally, easy compliance

Conclusion here is this subject is not hard however considering the non technological related job for Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Legal and Human Resources this subject needs equal attention and proper planning.

Not just to pass the exam but to understand the real problems faced by these professionals. Technology is going to stay, it is up to you if you want to stay behind or keep up with it.

I believe keeping up with it is the right thing to do.

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  • July 20, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    can i get a recorded video on auditing

    • July 21, 2015 at 8:42 am

      Dear Naman,

      We upload the content as we create them and do not have all Audit lectures for immediate distribution!

      Thank you


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