How to plan or prepare for UGC NET (by CBSE)?

Let us take a step back and understand the different things which must be learned to appear in UGC NET Examination

Let us start by understanding the 3 papers which forms the part of UGC NET. All these three have to be qualified separately and then aggregate of all three is used to get the rank in the merit list. Hence all the three papers are equally important and beneficial in getting the qualifying score.

UGC NET Paper I – Teaching and Research Aptitude

This paper contains the general topic to understand if the candidate has the acumen for teaching and learning and is having general awareness. This paper tests those skills which your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention also known as cognitive skills. In fact, most learning struggles are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills.

Topics in this Paper

To measure the capability and skill the topics which usually become part of this paper are:

  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Research Aptitude
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Communication
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • People and Environment and Higher Education System: Governance, Polity and Administration.

There will be 5 objective type questions from each of the topics above. Some of the topics are straight forward on which you can practice and learn like Reasoning, Aptitude and Comprehension, however, some topics do require general current awareness, for example, Higher Education System, Information and Communication Technology, People and Environment.

Hence to qualify this paper, regular practice and continuous reading in the areas of education, environment and Information and Communication Technology is required. Total of 60 questions of 2 marks each out of which 50 must be attempted that means, if you want to secure 100 out of 100 then 50 questions must be answered correctly. If you answer more than 50, then first 50 answers are considered (correct and incorrect both). Passing percentage is 40% i.e. atleast 40 marks must be acquired to be considered as a candidate for merit list. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes (9:30 AM to 10:45 AM).


UGC NET Paper II – Subject Specific (for example: Commerce)

Total of 50 questions 2 marks each for 100 marks. Passing percentage is 40% i.e. atleast 40 marks must be acquired to be considered as a candidate for merit list. Duration 1 hour 15 minutes (10:45 AM to 12 Noon). This paper is going to be subject specific and that is why your choice of subject should be the one from the post-graduation or atleast related subject in your post-graduation. Each Unit is a complete subject and following are the ones to be studied for Commerce and Management:

Subject Code 08: Commerce

  1. Unit I – Business Environment : Legal Environment of Business in India
  2. Unit II – Financial and Management Accounting
  3. Unit III – Business Economics
  4. Unit IV – Business Statistics & Data Processing
  5. Unit V – Business Management
  6. Unit VI – Marketing Management
  7. Unit VII – Financial Management
  8. Unit VIII – Human Resource Management
  9. Unit IX – Banking and Financial Institution
  10. Unit X – International Business

Subject Code 17: Management

  1. Unit I – Managerial Economics
  2. Unit II – Organization Theory and Behaviour
  3. Unit III – Human Resource Management
  4. Unit IV – Financial Management
  5. Unit V – Marketing Management
  6. Unit VI – Production Management
  7. Unit VII – Business Statistics and Data Processing
  8. Unit VIII – Strategy Management
  9. Unit IX – Entrepreneurship
  10. Unit X – Ethics and Management

    UGC NET Paper III – Subject Specific (for example: Commerce)

    – Total of 75 questions 2 marks each for 150 marks. Passing percentage is 50% i.e. atleast 75 marks must be acquired to be considered as a candidate for merit list. Duration 2 hour 30 minutes (1:30 PM to 4:00 PM). All the topics from Paper II makes part of Paper III as well as a few advanced topics from below:

    Subject Code 08: Commerce

    1. Accounting and Finance
    2. Marketing
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. International Business
    5. Income Tax Law and Tax Planning

    Subject Code 17: Management

    1. Human Resource Management
    2. Marketing Management
    3. Financial Management
    4. International Trade and Marketing

This should give you a brief idea on what you will be dealing with during your preparation for UGC NET.

The subjects are huge and it is not easy to prepare all of them in the short span of time. It does require adequate study and preparation to become subject matter expert and be able to answer the objective type questions in the examination. Since these are 3 different papers, there is a stress level which is maintained on the candidate by means of limited time given for each paper.

Strategy to plan your Study for UGC NET

The following is not just applicable to UGC NET exam but for any exam you wanted to appear in the future:

  1. Make a list of subjects which needs to be studied: This we have completed above and each Unit/Subject has its own descriptive syllabus which you can get by clicking on the titles. However the high level list gives you a glimpse of what needs to be studied
  2. Figure out what you need to do for each subject: Each subject has its own set of issues. For example, you may be comfortable with practical subjects but not so much with theories. You may have a good idea on business environment, but not so good idea on marketing management. Hence, find out what you need for each of these subjects. Like the study books and material you need and how much total time you have to complete the studies. We are building the individual guides for each subject to help you out. However the last call is yours, as each one of you is different and need a different study schedule of your own.
  3. Prioritize your list: Once it is established that you have the subjects sorted, you now realize that some of them require more time than others. That means you need to allocate more time to difficult subjects than the not so difficult subjects. Take into account the amount of reading you have to do, amount of reviewing (mock test and revisions) you have to do and difficulty of the subject.
  4. Get into more detail and Schedule: Divide your week into each day study time period. You should study the same time every day. Let us say 5 AM to 7 AM and then 9 PM to 10 PM or any time during the day. Make it consistent, so that you can avoid phones, TV or any other distraction during this time frame. Allocate this weekly time to your subjects appropriately so that you know what you are going to study this week, next week, next to next week. Now you may be wondering what if you could not complete a task in a week? that is alright as these allocated planned times are flexible and you can change them as you need. That means you can study longer if you are falling behind, or continue as is if you are doing okay. Study for 40-45 minutes in a stretch. Take a break of 5 minutes, walk around, drink water, change view. Then get back to work again, this will help you in maintaining concentration for longer duration.
  5. The key is to follow the Plan: you might have spent a day in just formalizing your study plan and to fulfill your dream. It is time to start following it, as you have noticed if you follow what you have scheduled for yourself, your course will complete on time as expected and you will have confidence in taking your final exam.

Congratulations on your first step towards a better future for you.

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